It’s not your fault


Im 14m and I found out my parents were getting a divorce in July. My mom and my sisters and I packed up and left in less than 3 weeks. My dad made it seem like he didn’t care at all when he seen me crying packing my stuff. I hate this. Now they cant get along at all. I want to just cry all the time. Im I caused this. its my fault. I cant do this. Its to hard. Help?


Marriage is like a rubber band; a lot of them are great and stretch and stretch for ever, but some of them stretch and stretch and ultimately, break. Those that break are not because the papers they were holding together were too much for them, because those other rubber bands holding the same papers didn’t break, did they? No. They broke because of the material they were made out of.
It’s not your fault, the unfortunate truth is that it would have happened, even if it was not for you, which can be comforting if you look at it closely.
continuing with the rubber band analogy, the rubber bands may have held the paper together for a very long time,  but the fact remains that when the rubber band breaks, the papers belong to themselves. you are able to separate yourself from your father and look at the situation objectively, analyze who you are in relation to him; maybe he does care and is not the type of person to show it.

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