I just want to be with both of them


I’m starting high school and my parents just announced that they are getting a divorce. You see they have been fighting since I could remember. (I’m an only child) They have been talking about a divorce since I was 5 and my mom forced my dad to move out for a year. ( he payed for his temporary house and ours!) then he moved back and he has been staying. My mom to me is the cause because my dad doesn’t want to leave me. Everything my dad does is for me. I just want to be with both of them but how


The most important thing that you have to remember is that you don’t know everything about their relationship. My parents divorced right as I was entering high school too and it created a strain on everything. I know you want everything to just go back to normal and create a safety net around yourself with your two parents supporting you, so that you can deal with the stress of high school like everyone else.
But know that even if they get divorced, you’ll still have both of them. You may not be living with both of them, but you’ll always have them. It’ll be hard, but I promise that it will all work out and you’ll realize that an agreement and final settlement apart is better than living together in such a hectic environment.

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