Excellent advice about co-parenting from Christina McGhee

Tips for Parenting Out of Two Homes

From the Parenting Apart blog by Christina McGhee

Encourage a two home concept.
Children should feel they have a home with both Mom and Dad regardless of how much time is spent with either parent.

Be supportive of both homes.
Avoid judging or criticizing your child’s home with the other parent. Comparing the two homes or trying to find fault with one home only leaves children feeling caught in the middle.

Establish structure for your children within your home.
In some divorce situations, parents work cooperatively to maintain the same rules for their children in each home. However, for a vast majority of families, agreeing on rules is difficult. What is most important is that children feel secure in the understanding that the adults are in charge and things are going to be okay. Children can adjust to the differences between two households when they know what to expect.

Be supportive of the other parent’s role.
Whenever possible communicate with the other parent about the needs of your child. (i.e. school events, medical appointments, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, friends, etc.)

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