Snails and crabs are the only animals who carry their homes on their backs.

Lots of kids do, too.

If you know a child with two homes or a single parent, we’re here for you.

We love kids, our kids and yours too. We know how hard it is to manage the complicated life of a child living in two homes and we understand the unique sadness of single parents who celebrate birthdays and special occasions as the only adult in the house.

Giving gifts to loved ones whose family is in transition in one way or another is a powerful way to simultaneously express love, support, and acceptance.

Curating Gifts for All Types of Families

We want to help alternative families of all types celebrate their uniqueness and simplify their day-to-day lives.

For now, we are curating gifts from Amazon exclusively to take advantage of their easy shipping and great customer service. With time and your support, we hope to expand, develop our own products and bring love and peace to families of all types.