20 things all kids with divorced parents will understand


1. Always feeling trapped in the middle

2. Siblings begging you to stay at that parent’s house

3. Having a fight with one parent and wishing to be with the other

4. Something happens, and you just need to be with the other because the one you’re with can’t help

5. Forgetting something at one’s house and your only hope is that the other one will say yes to driving you to get it

6. The pressure when you’re old enough to choose which house to be at

7. “You can go to mom’s/dad’s if you want but we’ll miss you here”

8. Feeling guilty going to one’s house and leaving the other even though they say it’s ok

9. The awkwardness when both parents are in the same place, talking, and getting along

10. Sometimes you have no clue where you want to be, but you’re forced to choose anyway

11. When plans fall in the same time frame, sometimes you have to choose one, and feel guilty leaving the other

12. Step parents = bigger family

13. Usually one parent knows more than the other, but sometimes they talk together without you knowing

14. When you can’t remember how life was before they split

15. Seeing old pictures of them together

16. When you’re the only friend of the group with divorced parents

17. When one talks shit about the other

18. Different pets at both houses

19. Splitting weekends, but usually ending up sharing them

20. Is this all my fault?

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